Custom Web Application

Atologist Infotech team of certified developers and solution architects creates custom Web applications for organizations to publish catalog, direct mail, directory, and periodic literature in print, on the Web, to wireless devices, and other media channels.

So many organizations purchase expensive off-the-shelf technology requiring workflow overhauling. Atologist Infotech reduces the pain organizations experience by tailoring applications to the customer's exact needs, integrated with the current technology infrastructure.

By building customized solutions into an organization's existing infrastructure, Atologist Infotech measurably reduces the total cost of ownership for such systems. Staff members require less retraining, successful processes don't get re-engineered, and IT staff don't need to learn whole new sets of technology beyond the successful technology already in use. To risk a cliche, when customers have reliable systems in place, Atologist Infotech does not recreate the technology wheel.

Atologist Infotech culture dictates excellence, innovation, and constant pursuit of improved and streamlined procedures and technology. Atologist Infotech developers are full-time staff co-located in our offices in midtown Manhattan.

Custom Technologies We use

  • PHP
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • MySql
  • Ajax
  • jQuery