Smarty Development

At Atologist Infotech offer our clients a host of effective smarty PHP solutions. These Smarty PHP Services are one of the fastest Internet services which sell like hot cakes. The reason for their extreme popularity is owing to their extensive features which contribute to make them their USP. We are acclaimed for offering a spectrum of services using Smarty, at cost effective prices.

Smarty is a web template system written in PHP. Smarty is primarily promoted as a tool for separation of concerns. Smarty is intended to simplify compartmentalization, allowing the presentation of a web page to change separately from the back-end. Ideally, this eases the costs and efforts associated with software maintenance.

Smarty generates web content by the placement of special Smarty tags within a document. These tags are processed and substituted with other code. Tags are directives for Smarty that is enclosed by template delimiters. These directives can be variables, denoted by a dollar sign ($), functions, logical or loop statements. Smarty allows PHP Programmers to define custom functions that can be accessed using Smarty tags.

Features of Smarty Framework

  • Free and Open source framework.
  • Control Flow and conditional statements.
  • Variable modifiers.
  • Custom delimiters.
  • New file wizard that can create Smarty template.
  • Output Filters.
  • Flexibility for custom development.
  • Easy to understand and maintain.

Smarty Development Services:

  • Smarty custom development.
  • Smarty Plugin development.
  • Smarty web application Development.
  • Smarty Implementation.
  • Smarty Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Smarty maintenance.
  • Smarty Support.
  • Smarty consulting services.