Shopify Development

With more than 30,000 paying customers, Shopify is one of the most popular and affordable ecommerce platforms out there. With so many online retailers making use of the same system, is it any wonder that a cookie cutter approach isn't always ideal for everyone? The PHP Genie team have many years of experience in Shopify development and can help make the platform work for you.

Shopify Development - For Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Shopify is a tool that puts user-friendliness and effectivity before everything else. The tool provides you all the features that you require in order to create and operate the perfect online store. Built on the Ruby on Rails platform, Shopify also lets entrepreneurs design, develop and manage their online store without the prerequisite of complex programming skills. Yet another reason to utilize the power of Shopify is to effectively and efficiently manage your inventory and product shelves

Create an online store

  • Easy, quick and reliable.
  • Highly customizable template designs.
  • Built on the Ruby on Rails platform.
  • SEO friendly.

Why us

  • Experience, delivering smart store.
  • Fully integrated, dynamic team working at our office headquarters.
  • Application development, we have a number of shopify apps in development, we can help with yours.
  • Custom Integrations, we can mash up services to provide you a tailor made solution.
  • Custom order process, from flooring calculators, to dishing out software codes.