Custom Website Design

Your website requirement could range from anything between a small site with a few static pages to a major portal with tons of dynamic content, but whatever the scope, your site's design aesthetics and ease of use and navigation will govern your end user's experience. Thus, it is extremely important to create a custom, unique website which is not only in tune with your own ideas and vision but also a place your audience can easily find what they're looking for.

Multiple factors dictate how long visitors stay on any given site from designs and layouts and how easy they are on the eye, to navigation and functionality, rapid page loading and easy browsing, soothing color combination and themes, and browser compatibility. Our designers deliver modern, fluid designs that are scalable and compliant with the latest web standards and best practices.

Custom website design solutions can be the right option for clients who want high quality designs and want their website to stand out of the competition. Atologist Infotech is a one stop destination for custom web design solutions. We would design the website as per your likings.

We can provide your own custom logo, customized email headers, custom layouts and styles - in fact pretty much anything you can think of that will make your business individual.

We offer superior quality custom web designs at affordable rates. What makes us different from the other custom website design companies in India is that we never compromise on quality. We offer tailor made solutions as per your requirements and the budget.

How We Design

Our company employs top-quality web designers who have exceptional skills and a wealth of experience. All our work is compliant with industry standards and prevalent best practices. We use the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding standards to create designs that are flexible, functional and have a great look and feel no matter where they are accessed from.

Our company is also proficient in developing Web 2.0 layouts and features and implementing JavaScript and AJAX to make your website more responsive and appealing to site visitors.General Data excels in designing simple and effective user interfaces which makes for easy navigation, keeps focus on the right website elements and greatly enhances user experience. Take a look at Our Portfolio to see the diversity of final product, all in accordance with the specific needs of each client.